I Made a Funny

Estate planning attorneys have an odd sense of humor. At the risk of sounding like Professor Frink, today’s light reading is a guide to some of the more entertaining estate planning humor that can be found on the web.

Led Zeppelin Says You Need An Estate Plan
: The Zucker Law Firm of Virginia has broken down how the lyrics of Stairway to Heaven are really Led Zeppelin plugging the importance of good estate planning.

The Beatles Say You Need One Too: Mr. Zucker appears to find estate planning advertisements everywhere. I am inclined to agree.

The Onion’s Tips for Preparing a Living Will: Among the tips, “Explain in no uncertain terms that, should you die and return as a zombie, loved ones must shoot you in the head without hesitation.” I am more than willing to give a small discount to any client that requests this.

Finally, here is my favorite estate planning joke:

A guy walks into a bar. He recently found out that his elderly father will be passing away in a few years and leaving him a very large inheritance. Using this new information as leverage in the dating market, he decides it’s time to find someone to settle down with.

So guy looks around the room and locks eyes with this stunning young woman. He figures she’s probably out of his league, but walks up to her with his new boost of confidence and says, “I may not look like much now, but in a few years my father will pass away and I will have millions. Would you be interested in going to dinner sometime?” She’s interested, and gets his name and number. A week later, she became his step-mom.